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Namibia is situated in the arid South-West of Africa on the latitude of the Tropic of Capricorn. With 824 292 sq km (317 684 sq miles), Namibia makes up 2,7 % of Africa and is nearly 2,5 times bigger than Germany, or four times the size of Great Britain and larger than Texas. Namibia's neighbors to the north are Angola and Zambia, to the east Botswana, to the south the Republic of South Africa and to the west is the southern Atlantic Ocean.

From north to south Namibia is approximately 935 km (580 miles) long and from east to west approximately 380 km (235 miles) wide. The highest part of Namibia averages 1 650 m (5 000 feet) above sea level, with the highest mountain, the Brandberg, at 2 540 m (7 750 feet).

The country's beauty lies in its rich diversity of fauna and flora, in the meeting of desert, mountain and sea. Namibia has a population of just over 1.7 million, of which 250 000 live in the capital, Windhoek.

A well developed infrastructure with 12 330 miles of roads that are in an excellent condition compared to the rest of Africa.

Most important of all, Namibia has a sound, stable political atmosphere since independence in 1990.

That’s why over 6000 foreign hunters come hunting in Namibia each year.

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